Professional Women’s Network Romania

Professional Women’s Network Romania is part of PWN Global, a worldwide non-profit association that aims to support and encourage women to develop themselves at a professional level. Professional Women’s Network in Romania was established at the end of 2011. In a few words, it is Progress, Mentoring, Community and Diversity that define our activity. PWN Romania is a young and dynamic association (68% of our members are up to 45 years old), with members from more than 20 active fields.

Professional Women’s Network Romania is a strong network that becomes more and more noticeable and influent on society with the help of consistent programs held by the board and its members. Our name is associated with well-known companies and high-profile business personalities. We are continuously creating and involving ourselves in programs that add value to the association and its members. Furthermore, we are continuously increasing our awareness and perception. We want to become the trend-setter and the voice-to-be-followed in both business and social environments.
We focus on three strong pillars – Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Women on Boards – that is why Professional Women’s Network Romania has invested knowledge and resources in many successful events .

Among these, we mention the following:

  • Building alliances – engaging women and men in diversity programs
  • Business with a soul – a mentorship event
  • “Women in technology” awards gala
  • Never give up! – an entrepreneurship event
  • Improving the standards of corporate governance – Women on Boards event
  • HR dilemmas during turbulent times
  • Entrepreneurship event with US Embassy
  • CEOs and organizational culture: What makes or breaks it?
  • Women on Boards roundtable

Professional Women’s Network Global – Vision and mission

WHAT WE STAND FOR: ADVANCING WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP. Leveraging 100% of the world’s talent helps us take better decisions and become an economically sustainable, satisfied society. We intend to speed up the pace of change, to motivate our community to embrace new skills, to support one another and to put reform into action.

WHOM WE IMPACT ON: MEMBERS – women and men, families, corporate partners, their very own partners, collaborative institutions, various networks and forums. Our community courageously speaks up and proudly puts our values into practice within all these organizations.

HOW WE IMPACT: By sharing KNOWLEDGE, BEST PRACTICE, TOOLS and TECHNIQUES in mentoring, organizing events and programs.

Professional Women’s Network Global – Values

Courage: Be brave to advance and make a real change

Respect: Our volunteers, our partners and all people contributing to the progress of gender equality

Gratitude: Be thankful to our volunteers

Collaborative intelligence: Teamwork to achieve great outcome

Excellence: Do the best that you can

Talent: Nurture talent

Progress: Make it happen


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